Service Centers

Phapa Service Centers

Phapa model is meant for local communities urban or rural to access benefits and services from people organizations, government program and partner service providers. It requires a customer facing storefront which provides all the services and some of the services can be accessed online, mobile or through call center.

Features of Service Center

  • A customer service center which can cater to every strata of society
  • A Service center in every ward, city, town and village ensures accessibility
  • Get information, Register, renew and access benefits from people organizations and government and membership networks
  • Access to all essential quality products and services which cannot be accessed locally.
  • Organization meeting rooms, e-learning, tele-medicine and many organization services.
  • Payment, money transfer, deposit, withdrawal and other transactions.
  • Group purchasing for low cost products and services to our members

The Service center is designed for members of the people organizations to access benefits, quality products and services at lowest cost locally.


Organization Services

  • Registration, renewal and apply for benefits to Phapa managed organizations and government programs
  • Services registration, co-ordination for Phapa Managed co-operatives

Payment & booking

  • Payments, Money Transfer and transactions

Meeting room & E-services

  • Meeting room, tele- conference, e-learning, e-tutoring, tele-medicine center.

Group Purchasing Services

  • Group purchasing – order management
  • Pickup and Delivery Services - products, food, medicine etc.

HR Services

  • Recruitment assistance Services
  • Resume building
  • Training support
  • Background verification
  • Work from home

Misc. Services

  • All local services our member organizations would provide.
  • document services, notary, stamp paper, GST, Tax filing, Voter ID, PAN, AADHAR, Photo etc.

Service Center ownership model

It is a franchise model for standardization and easy replication. The service centers will be owned and managed by a group of local unemployed youths, womengroups or local people organization. This is to provide employment, provide revenue for the local organization and making sure that the service center remains local.

Service Center Revenue

All the services we provide have service charge to the members or the member organizations. Depending on service type and process, the service charge is shared among the partner service providers. A low % Service fee charged by Phapa

Phapa Service Points

The Phapa Service Points are the offices, stores, organization offices, real estate agencies, travel agency and many other places. All the services may not be available, and hours of operation depends on the operation of the primary business or office.

Phapa Service Center& Service Point directory

Service Points

  • PSP101 iKare marketing and Web development services office #9, 1st floor, 2nd main, 1st block, R.T.Nagar Bangalore -5600032
  • ChalavadiMaha Sabha Office Rajaji nagar Bangalore

Phapa Service Center - Franchisee Support

  • Help in selecting a site and negotiating a lease
  • A comprehensive training program to teach you how to run a successful Phapa Service center
  • Connect with local organizations
  • Advertising, marketing and public relations support
  • Technology support to keep the Service center running smoothly
  • Product development to help you provide exceptional service to local customers