BPO & Call center

We provide complete support services for our people organizations. The Phapa BPO & Center are spread across both urban and rural areas to provide support to all our member organizations. We use the cloud technology in making sure the support can be provided from Call centers or Service centers. The broad category of support is provided for:
  • Membership management
  • Document management
  • Registration, Renewal and benefit management
  • Member organization benefits and services
  • Training & workforce management
  • Support services for e-Learning, Tele-medicine etc.
  • Group Procurement Product and services
  • Phapa Service center support
  • Chat and phone support

Phapa Messenger

Phapa messenger is a must for people organization communication. A mobile app which can be downloaded and used to connect with multiple member organization.
The features of Phapa Messenger

  • Details of all the Phapa managed organizations and networks the users can join
  • Details of all the organization the member has joined
  • Notifications from the organization management to their members
  • Service request from organizations by its members
  • Support (chat & call) for the members their organizations
  • Group purchasing through membership networks.
  • Payment interface for membership, products and services