Financial Management

Finances are at the heart of any organization and security is our first and primary concern. PHAPA’s Finance, Administration & Operations Team is responsible for our client’s day-to-day bookkeeping activities. PHAPA also maintains on retainer Resource Accounting Services (RAS) who has direct oversight and support of all client financials. RAS President Patti Van Patten, CPA coordinates all client transitions of finances, provides spot audits of PHAPA’s work, and assists in preliminary development of all tax reporting. As an accredited AMC, we have demonstrated our expertise in individual client fund management, security and checks and balances of systems.
PHAPA also has a stellar group of association executives who, in their work with multiple clients, regularly participate in long-term strategic fiscal planning, budget development and identifying new revenue streams.
PHAPA provides support in the following areas:

  • Working with the treasurer to oversee association finances
  • Developing realistic budgets
  • Processing online transactions and transactions onsite at events
  • Suggesting creative ways to generate non-dues revenue
  • Using proven methods to monitor and control costs
  • Preparing comprehensive financial reports
  • Preparing tax forms and coordinating with accountants for annual tax filings
  • Recommending pricing policies for dues, conferences and member services
  • Performing daily bookkeeping of income and expenses
  • Payroll services