About Phapa

We at Phapa Tech provide Technology Solutions, membership management and other services to organizations like co-operatives, Unions, associations, government programs and private membership organizations.


  • Every solution should be sustainable, people centric and solve most pressing problem of the people organizations.
  • Continuous improvement through technology and innovation
  • Be a social and sustainable business for people & planet


  • Our vision is to solve the problems people face in organizing as collectives, co-operatives, unions and associations.
  • Provide technology tools for organizations to manage and communicate with their members.


  • Help create and manage organizations like Co-operatives, Union, Associations and membership networks
  • To build one app which can connect to all the organization with their members
  • To ensure the facilitate seamless integration of organization services to their members.

Phapa Team

With over 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and a seasoned executive, highly experienced in multinational corporate management & Start-ups.

CEO ASIA/MEA & BOARD MEMBER – nh2 (Current): Raised well over US$70+ Million from investors around the world. Bringing strategic capital with an eye on commercialization. Helped negotiate and create diverse business models for various companies under the nh2 umbrella like Water, Security, Night Vision, Artificial Intelligence (Material Science). Worked on Mergers & Acquisition within nh2. Turned company valuation from $15 Million to well over $460+ Million.

President International Business – Akida Holdings: Turned the NASA developed technology company around from bankruptcy to a profitable business successfully raising raising US$ 30 million in equity and bringing in 15+ million in revenue. Successfully launched the product in international markets in numerous verticals. Creating a diverse financial & Business Model. BSc – Computer Science (CUM LAUDE) – USA

Tareque Pirzada,
Co-Founder & Chairman

Ashfaq Syed
Co-founder & CEO
M.S. Engineering,
Louisiana Tech University

Ashfaq is a Professional with 25 years of progressive experience in IT field as an Architect, Project Manager, and Senior Systems Analyst for diversified international corporations and organizations around the world. Experience as an Architect, Senior Systems and research analyst for Big Data, data warehousing, complex database systems and applications in manufacturing & materials, oil & gas, healthcare, transportation and Energy. Responsible for designing and implementing large software projects, developing and managing cross Functional teams, interacting with stakeholders, clients, focus groups and governmental agencies.

He has M.S. Engineering degree from Louisiana Tech University and since then Developed and Managed various IT, BIG DATA and Data management software projects for US department of Transportation, US state DOTs, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), MCI, Delaware Health & Social Services, Sterling healthcare insurance, HESS Corporation. Most recently he designed and and manage Big Data project for material innovation.

Before Co-founding Phapa, he worked as the Director of Technology at Nano Holdings, USA

Melo Rajkumar, Head of International Business Development, MBA Wharton School of Business, USA

Melo, in his long career as Technologist has managed many projects and programs around the world. He is specialist in e-learning and other people-oriented technologies and brings lot of value add to our team. His experience as a COO of a multinational IT company is valuable to developing 2nd level of managers to manage our organizations. He has M.S. from Louisiana Tech and MBA from Wharton.

Before joining Phapa, he was CTO of an e-learning company with offices in San Jose and Bangalore.

Melo Rajkumar,
Head of International Business Development,

Lingesh H.S. BE. Mech Engg

Lingesh is an engineering graduate and industrialist managing a mid -size engineering company in Bangalore.  He is long time Rotarian, and he has worked tirelessly in helping the workers in getting new skills to succeed and he has managed several social organizations and passionate about helping the organizations realize their goals and objectives  

Before joining Phapa, he was managing an engineering consulting company in Bangalore